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Cancer triumph over a father, delivers him to death, and deprives him of the opportunity to finish building a room for his five orphans

Shatrah- Media Dept. 12 Jan. 2017
The father breathed his last:
After a battle of unequal forces between a spread cancer and the thin body of a father, the haughty disease did eventually triumph. It triumphed and snatched the soul of the man who was nothing but skin and bones, stealing his chance to make true his dream of completing the last project in his life. Ah! What a project it was!
A roof of reeds:
With blue lips, bare feet, and empty stomach, the diseased father used to daily wander at the streets of Shatrah District/Thi-Qar Governorate to search in the debris of the buildings, get out the bricks, and clean them of the cement. He hoped that death would be delayed a bit so he gets a chance to achieve his dream. He wished to rescue his five kids and his wife, whose youth started deteriorating due to her suffering of her husband’s disease. All what he wanted is to substitute that ramshackle roof with another new one and to cover their muddy ground with cement so that his family enjoy some warm and live in a comfortable home. Unfortunately, that modest hope has never come true. The father died two months ago, leaving his family living a situation though not strange for them to live but it became harder to endure.
An orphan of a migrant heart
The anxious eyes of the five children witnessed their father dying. They suffer after his death of various incessant menaces that they are unequal to overcome. The first of those threats is that they have to vacate the room they live in, the second threat is poverty, the third is hunger, the fourth is the diseases that became their intimate companion, and so on.
One of the orphans in this family has a migrant heart, i.e. she is a child with dextrocardia
and her heart is connected with her lungs. In spite of that, she insists on attending school though she daily falls over its ground blacked out.
The immediate response and the appeal for more help:
The members of this family are unable to have a check-up, though they take a turn for the worse. Some of them may recover without medical inference, while others have their foot in the grave. Their room is equipped with nothing but an old refrigerator, a set of beds, and some bricks that mark their father’s labour.
Once the family appealed for the help of Orphan Charity Foundation, the Foundation hurried to report about their status and accordingly a monthly salary was allotted to them. However, that would be not sufficient to give them tranquility that their honour is maintained and their needs are satisfied. Their tranquility is threatened indeed, not only by the second round with disease but by the strong alliance that disease made against them at this round.

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