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OCF in Misan holds a funeral in the presence of more than 300 widows.

Misan – Media Dept. 3 Oct. 2017

In the presence of a group of widowed women registered with the Foundation, Branch of Orphan Charity Foundation in Misan Province held a funeral to commemorate the 11th night of Muharram and to offer our condolences to Sayeda Zainab (Peace be upon her) for the martyrdom of her brother Al-Hussein (Peace be upon him) and his family.

The Head of the Branch, Ridha Idan Hassan said: “The number of widowed women present in the funeral reached more than 300 widows, where the funeral was held to offer condolences to Sayeda Zainab (Peace be upon her) on the painful tragedy of Al-Taf and what calamities happened to them that recorded in history. Sheikh Nasser Al-Sa’edi raised the platform and explained what happened to Sayeda Zainab in this night and how she was able to take control despite the loss of her family and lovers. Al-Sa’edi also linked this tragedy to the attendees of orphans and widows, explaining that our present time is an extension to the incident of Al-Taf and repeated in every time and place and how the widowed women should follow their example Sayeda Zainab (Peace be upon her) in her scarf, honor  and care of orphans”.

Hassan added: “The funeral included the distribution of a foodstuffs basket for all the attendees, as well as the distribution of a takeaway meal.”

OCF is  an NGO sponsored by the office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Sa’id Al-Hakim and it has the special consultative status from the ECOSOC since 2016.

You can help families of orphans with a monthly salary through visiting the headquarters of OCF in Najaf or via the following means:

Phone number: 07825695422

The Iraqi trade bank:

IQD: 0007004528001

US$: 0007004528002

Branch number: 0007

The Islamic National Bank:

IQD: 102105

US$: 102113

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