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In the middle of various attendance: Karrada commemorates the second anniversary for the martyrs of its painful tragedy

Karrada – Media Dept. 4 July 2018
Under the slogan: (Painful Tragedy And Waste Rights)
Branch of Orphan Charity Foundation in Karrada/Baghdad held its commemorative event on the occasion of the second anniversary of Karrada Martyrs
The event witnessed a diverse public and popular presence, in addition to the families of martyrs
The program opened with a Quranic recitation by the reader Bashir al-Hadi
Followed by the word of His Eminence Sayyid Ezedin Al-Hakim (the representative of His Eminence the Great Religious Authority, Sayyid Muhammad Al-Hakim) who expressed his condolences to the families of victims, pointing out to the real danger behind the increase in the number of orphans. His Eminence added: “Everyone must be responsible to service those orphans
His Eminence pointed out to the services provided by Orphan Charity Foundation for the registered orphans’ families in all of Iraq
Then the word of the representative of Human Rights Commission, Dr. Fadhel al-Gharawi
And a word of Martyrs Foundation presented by Dr. Tariq al-Mindelawi
The program included a word of the President of Sabean Mandaean in Iraq and world, Rishema Sattar Jabbar Hilo that presented by Sheikh Enmar Aied
The people of Karrada, through their word that presented by Majid Al-Rubaie, renewed their demands in the necessity for government agencies to perform their duties towards the families of martyrs of this tragedy, indicating the injustice of many of the martyrs who were missing for the difficulty of identifying their bodies, demanding to provide full financial and moral care to the families of victims
The program included poetic poems and participations in the memory of the martyrs of the tragedy
The event was attended by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Shiite Shrines, His Eminence Sheikh Khalifa al-Jawhar and the President of the Red Crescent Society, Dr. Yassin al-Ma’amouri
In addition to a collection of imams of mosques, Husayniyat, social and official figures and delegations of the House of Ifta in Iraq, represented by the spokesman for the House, Sheikh Amer al-Bayati and the media official of the House, Sheikh Sarmad al-Tamimi, , as well as the Head of the Islamic Unity Foundation, Sheikh Haider al-Tamimi and Imam of the Samurai Mosque
In the presence of Pastor Ravi_ Vice-President of the Armenian Evangelical Community and the Pastor Martin Benny
OCF is an NGO sponsored by the office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Sa’id Al-Hakim and it has the special consultative status from the ECOSOC since 2016

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