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Under the slogan “By Science and Generosity, the Nations Build Their Glory”, OCF in Qasim District holds its annual festival to honor the outstanding orphans.

Qasim – Media Dept. 6 Sept. 2018
In cooperation with Al-Ola Private School, Branch of Orphan Charity Foundation in Qasim District held its annual festival to honor the outstanding orphans for 2017-2018. The festival was attended by official and community figures included the Head of Qasim Council, the Judiciary, the Director of Al-Qasim police, the Director of the Cultural House and other figures and officials of civil society organizations and government departments in the district.
Abbas Al-Jubouri, the Manager Director of the branch said: “The festival was opened with a recitation to Qur’anic verses by the reader Sayyid Hassan al-Thabhawi, Fatiha reciting dedicated to the Iraqi martyrs, then a playing to the Iraqi national anthem.”
Al-Jubouri added: “The national anthem was followed by the speech of Al-Ola school, delivered by the Director of the School Mr. Fadhel Ramadan, during which he praised on the role of the Foundation in raising a conscious generation of orphans through the various programs that it provides to follow-up the educational level of registered orphans.
This was followed by the speech of the Foundation that presented by the Head of the Branch, Ahmed Al-Jawthari, who said: “We at Orphan Charity Foundation look forward to graduate of those students: the scholars, intellectuals and writers to join the ranks of greats who perform real services to their communities and make a difference in the history of their homelands.
Al-Jawthari expressed his pride in the sons of the martyrs, saying: “We express our deep pride in the sons of the martyrs and orphans who did not hesitate to make an effort, but competed and succeeded despite all the circumstances to show that they are a significant force.
At the end of his speech, al-Jawthari addressed the outstanding orphans “You, the buds of the present and leaders of the future, I congratulate you for this excellence and we see the hope in your eyes”
Al-Jubouri explained: “The speech of the Foundation was followed by poetry participation by the poet Maitham Abbs al-Ramahi and the singer Ahmed Jabbar al-Issawi. Magic games were performed during the festival by the Babylonian player Mustafa Nadhim , who succeeded in drawing the smile on the faces of orphans and guests.
At the end of the festival, prizes were distributed to the outstanding orphans, that included laptops for the outstanding orphans in the intermediate and high schools, as well as certificates of excellence. Where the orphans in primary school were honored with certificates of excellence, whiteboards and tallboy for children. On the sidelines of the celebration, a festival was held in which the orphans were allowed to choose the clothes by themselves.
It’s worth mentioning that the festival was covered by Al-Furat TV Channel, that play it live on its program (With People)

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