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Talented children… fortunes need to be developed

A talented child is like a plant that needs care; he needs a supporter to take care of, to support, to understand, and to appreciate his talent. So, this demand discovering the talented child: who is he, how can his talent be improved, and what obstacles might his talent face.

The last decade of the current century witnessed a wide motion appealing to activate the interest in the talented and the creative children. It focuses on introducing the curriculum and programmes that fulfill the needs of the talented children. It also focuses on the formulation of structures and institutional bodies on one hand, and on improving them on the other.

The motion succeeded from the social, political, and economical dimensions to draw the attention to building the concern in the talented children.

Talented Features

1- Their view about life is flexible: neither finite nor inflexible.

2- Their view regarding authority is that it is a traditional issue and not a finite thing.

3- Have no tendency to see things as being black or white.

4- Talented people are adventurous and they have literary boldness.

5- Talented people have humour sense.

6- Their minds are more flexible and tend to free thinking.

The age in which talented persons’ magnificence reaches the sublime differs according to their magnificence field.

Teachers Role

Teacher’s role is essential in the developing of the talent of the talented person, a specialist assures that there are some methods and means through which teacher can treat his talented pupil:

1- Introducing a wide set of activities that promote intellectual thinking.

2-Activaties that depend on memorizing should be avoided.

3- The use of evaluation should be for diagnosis purpose and not for setting up a final verdict.

4-Providing the pupils with a chance to use their own talents and experiences.

5- Encouraging auto-expressing.

6- Motivational circumstances are those in which the pupils should be living.

7-Encourging the pupils to pose their ideas with showing respect to whatever they say.

8- Pupils should be trained to acquire creativity elements: originality, fluency, and flexibility, besides, they should be trained on the creative thinking.

9- Finally, talented pupils should be trained on inductive skills such as auto- initiative to discover, translation, questions posing, registration, inference, inference testing, information registering and using.

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