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Children Calmness

Children calmness in their early years is a pride and happiness source to their parents unawares that this calmness is more dangerous than being rowdy and stubborn, as psychologists assures.

Children of excessive calmness are likely to face difficulties communicating with the others and in expressing themselves; they learn too slowly and this can be vividly noticed in games that demand concentration and matching between issues, furthermore, they are vulnerable to retirement. Calmness could be a psychological or social feature and it could be inherited.

During the time, children pass through knowledge-based and dynamic growth and increasing awareness of the environment, in addition to curiosity to discover more about what is around: you can notice a child opens his toys to know what is inside.

Regarding child calmness, it mostly indicates a matter of serious problem and not a matter of politeness. So, parents should care to diagnose whether their child suffer from a serious problem or it is just a normal issue they can be comfort of. The following are some potentialities to children calmness:

1-Before the age of four, if the child has no tendency to play that can be a sign of thyroid deficiency that affects his attempts to play and walk.

2-If the child is four or five years old, he might suffer from mental retardation and this can rarely happens.

3-At the age of seven or eight which are considered as ages of disturbance and worry, children calmness comes likely from the way they are treated.

4- Calmness could be an organic disease such as brain disorder; or, psychological reasons might lie behind it such as parents distinguishing in the way they treat their children.

Psychological diagnosis

Calm child should undergo psychological diagnosis and IQ test in addition to thyroid test. Child may pass this stage peacefully if his parents helped him to eliminate his isolation and there would be no bad impacts ahead.

Experts states that there is no difference between males and females regarding this case but as long as males are noticeable for their intensive movements, so the problem becomes more noticeable on the males.

Treatment by playing

Experts assure that parents do not need to worry about their children but in case that the state continues to exist, they should try to involve them in social skills that help them interact with other people in the society. They should be taught how to greet people and how to express themselves freely for this can help them get rid of their fears and isolation. In addition, parents must let their children attempt intellectual puzzles. Finally, children excessive calmness and other disorder are not that much serious and they can be treated easily for children welcome any change in their life.                                                                                                              هدوء الاطفال (نسخ)

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