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Teaching children to be respectful

Mocking others is a normal habit during childhood. Instinctively, children know the influence their speech leaves on the others. Furthermore, others’ manners and TV shows that contain offensive aspects lead the child to think of his/ her behavior as being normal. Mocking others might be, according to parents, a normal matter since it daily happens, but parents should be aware of its awful result: child becomes unfriendly society member.

Children before school starts acquire language and start communicating with others using different means. They start to realize that certain phrases and words could evoke people to certain reactions and these reactions draw their attention.  Some children feel ashamed to offend others, some other children do not realize how offensive might be their words and, further, children offensive speaking might be a source of embarrassment to their parents. Mother should take into account that her advice should not be embarrassing to her child, rather, she only have to teach him/her how to respect others.

There are different factors drive children to ridicule each other, like jealousy or attempts to draw the attention towards themselves through mocking their rivals. You should find out the reason why your children mock the others. You can even ask them for explanation about their behavior and try also to make them think of what might their reaction be if they themselves treated the same way they treat the others. Talk to your children about how people differ in the way they practice their life. If your child annoys his/her little sibling that does not mean that he/she hates him. It could be an attempt to draw your attention. Therefore, try to allot some time for your eldest child.

Before talking to the children about their ill- behaving towards the others, house environment should be studied: it could be due to their father ill behaving with them or with the other people. If your child, for instance, has a friend wearing glasses talk to him about the importance of glasses in improving sight.

If your child is exposed to others’ mockery, try to look at the problem from your child point of view. Sit with him/her and listen interestingly and carefully to what he/she says. Finally, try to understand your child and tell him/her about your experiences in such situations

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