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Internally Displaced Persons Relieving Programme for (2014)

    After the terrible events happened in Salahuldin, and exactly at the 10th of June 2014, OCF undertook the responsibility of observing the IDPs’ (internal displaced persons) states through its branches in Mosul and Tala’far. It started coordinating with the concerned authorities to facilitate IDP transferring and safety procedures, also, it worked at supplying them with cooked and non-cooked foodstuffs.

   Foundation staff and in coordination with Najaf folk, Imam Ali Holy Shrine, and the IDPRC, started communicating with the IDP by receiving them in An-Najaf International Airport and housing them in the vacant houses and hussaiants once they started transforming to the southern governorates. Once their state became relatively stable especially after the increasing immigrating movement, OCF started a set of programmes to the IDP:

Basing on its firm programmes, the foundation started applying a set of programmes to the IDP. The work was divided into stages that were all carried out successfully. With regard to the most recent statistics presented at the 20th of Sept 2014, programmes were introduced as follows:

1-Foodstuffs Programme: A foodstuffs basket comprising of almost ten basic substances was distributed. About (8137) baskets were distributed.

2-Houshold Equipment Programme: most IDP resided in Karbala- Najaf hussainiats s that lack the basic equipment needed, so, they have been supplied with equipment reached to (3060) piece.

3-Clothes Programme: OCF set a plan to include all the IDP in clothes programme so it distributed coupons to all the families registered in the programme.  Charitable market was prepared in which different kinds of clothes were shown so that people can select the clothes that fit them. This programme covered about (43655) person within several festivals held in Al Najaf, Karbala, and Diwanyia and the work is in progress.

4- Grant Programme: about (4100) received a grant for the bad financial state of the IDP.

5-Health Welfare Programme: pathological states are observed through medical committees to help taking the patients to the hospitals and to the specialized physicians and to supply them with the medicine needed. People get advantage of this programme reached (124) displaced.

6- Complaint documenting Programme: in corroboration with the Independent High Committee of Human Rights, complaint forms were prepared by law experts. About (2156) complaint form were recorded through the field committee. Video and vocal tape records in addition to testimonies about Spaiker Base were recorded as well.

7- Internally Displaced Accommodating Programme: IDP committee worked on housing the IDP in hussainiat Fatimah subsidiary to the foundation. The number reached (520) person. Furthermore, the foundation made arrangements with: Imam Ali, Hussain, Abbas holy shrines; the folks, donators, and with the CSO to accommodate as many people as possible.

8-Religious Education Programme: in coordination with Religious education department in Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Sa’id Al Hakim office, the foundation worked on sending missions to the IDP to hold the Imamate of the congregations and to make tribute ceremony (Majlis Aza’) in the different religious occasions.

9-Further Programmes: in coordination with other foundations, OCF worked on a set of programmes such as distribution of living and humanistic stuffs and on variant other services. The work lasts to 24 hour continuously. The foundation, further, prepared a relieving centre to the displaced in hussainiat Al Zahra’a, Karbala- Najaf way, column (88).






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