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After her mother’s death, Fadak the orphan says: “Do not cut my plait, my mother made it for me before her death.”

Najaf- Media Dept. -26 OCT., 2015

Fadak….is one of four orphans had been displaced from their home in Tala’far after the collapse of Mosul by the hands of barbaric Daesh at 10th of June, 2015. She drank the cup of orphanhood that tasted bitterer than colocynth as she lost her father who had been kidnapped by the sinful hand that killed him after eleven days of the fall of Mosul. He was killed for no sin he had committed yet for his love for Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t) . He left a young wife and four children like flowers, one of them was infected with “Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura”.

Fadak and her family were displaced from their home in Tala’far. After a journey fraught with horror and risks, the Divine mercy took this family and other thousands families to accommodate them in the hussainiyas spread along the way between the two holy cities of Karbala and Najaf. Fadak and her brothers were highly attached to their mother after the death of their father. She used to restore to her mother and consider her as a secure cave, protects her and save her from calamities of time.

However, death was not satisfied of taking her father as the shroud of her mother was secretly woven; the young widow of 23 years old who had devoted herself for bringing up her children. She bowed to embrace them with her love perhaps she could compensate them for the loss of their father.

That affectionate mother had flamed the clay oven. Like hungry chicks with gaping mouths; the children were waiting for their mother’s hand, which sank inside the fiery oven, to bring them delicious bread that would satisfy their extreme hunger. The fire, nevertheless, had a different opinion. It swallowed up the mother by the hearing and sighting of her children who watched their mother in disturbance, and death noise filled her ears. It was but a while and death kidnapped the mother. It was a moment led time to stop and the world to froze to focus only on that limited image; an image of a mother by sorrowful looks of sorrowful adieu to her children , and she collapsed then like a mountain.

Nothing of the mother memory persist in Fadak’s mind but that of her sitting in that kind lap of her mother while she was combing her gold plaits. Her hair flowed into the teeth of the comb like silk, nay like the golden rays of the sun that penetrate a shady forest. From that moment on, Fadak become spiritually attached to those two plaits as she still senses the tenderness of her mother’s hand by whose petting to Fadak’s head, she became filled with tranquility and calmness. Few days passed, her family wanted to cut and decorate her hair but Fadak wrathfully screamed: “Do not cut my plait, my mother made it for me before her death.”…. It was the only memory of her mother and she wants to protect this memory.

In order to lighten the impact of the calamity of this afflicted family, Orphan Charity Foundation sent detection committee to document their data within a special form. After comforting and petting the children, in an attempt to mend what time had broken; the committee mercifully included the family within the programmes of monthly salary, clothes, health welfare, foodstuff basket, and entertainment. But, was that sufficient???

What is being introduced for them by OCF as well as to thousands other families is little in comparison with the real need of them. This family resides now in a hussaiiyah near column 376, within Najaf Governorate. They live with their uncle whose tragic state is not better than that of his nephews as he is also a displaced person, and depressingly lives short of a finance source; a state that cannot be raised but through supplications to Allah that He may rescue them from such bitter life.


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