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Child Education

Teaching children to be respectful

Mocking others is a normal habit during childhood. Instinctively, children know the influence their speech leaves on the others. Furthermore, others’ manners and TV shows that contain offensive aspects lead the child to think of his/ her behavior as being normal. Mocking others might be, according to parents, a normal …

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Siblings of the disabled

with special needs have their parents caring for them overly, this care causes their siblings themselves to be in need for special care as well, the matter that causes them and their parents troubles. Although the existence of a disabled sibling seems to be challenging to his/her other siblings but …

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Children Calmness

Children calmness in their early years is a pride and happiness source to their parents unawares that this calmness is more dangerous than being rowdy and stubborn, as psychologists assures. Children of excessive calmness are likely to face difficulties communicating with the others and in expressing themselves; they learn too …

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