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Iraq…the land of orphans and widows. A description that Iraq has deserved due to the outcomes of terrorism operations that targeted the unarmed, innocent people, students, visitors of holy shrines, etc. Among the grievances of the Iraqis, especially people of middle and south of Iraq, was the attempts made by organizations supportive to terrorism to veil this grievance via media. Because of that, Orphan Charity Foundation works at making this grievance internationally known. OCF had adopted implementing such task and it has made a good progress so fare.

Another goal that OCF has been longing to since six years is to involve all people in sponsoring orphans via a programme that fits all society levels, which is Donation Box Programme.
Donation Box has recorded extraordinary achievements represented by satisfying so many needs of the families of orphans by means of creating interaction with benevolent people. Work range of donation box has been positively increasing, which indicates the remarkable awareness of the Iraqis. OCF still notifies of the escalating numbers of the categories getting use of  the programme, especially after the crisis of Iraq caused by Daesh, who aimed their adversary at the North part of Iraq, longing to approach Najaf and Karbala. Daesh, however, could not manage to fulfill their aims thanks to the sacrifices and bravery of the Popular Mobilization Units warriors, who have been, and still, achieving victory against those aggressors, who have begun retreating in humiliation. Therefore, we owe a lot to those who sacrificed their souls for us to live in peace.  Therefore, we are responsible to take care of their families by way of providing them with both moral and financial sponsorship, asking Allah to grant us with success to do so.

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