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OCF Vision

Orphan Charity Foundation (OCF)?

OCF is an Iraqi Humanitarian organization that presents financial and moral caring for orphans, who lost their fathers because of natural or unnatural death. It takes care of orphans of martyrs, especially the martyrs of terrorist operations and Popular Mobilization Units. It also sponsors widows, Internally Displaced Persons, and people afflicted by natural disasters; no matter what their colour, race or religion is.

What its perspective is?

Protecting the weakest threads of social fabric, especially the orphans, widows, and the IDPs. It also cares about raising the social awareness in order to embrace and sponsor those weak categories from different facets of life.

What its message is?

Satisfying the basic humanitarian requirements of honourable living and presenting educational, psychological, and health caring for the orphans, widows, and IDPs. Drawing the attention of the public opinion towards these categories via documentary, media, and statistical programmes.