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Sponsor an Orphan

What is the programme of orphan sponsorship in Orphan Charity Foundation?
A programme that provides financial and moral sponsorships to the orphans who are registered in the Foundation. Those orphans are the orphans of the martyrs of the Popular Mobilization Units, orphans of victims of terrorism and violence, orphans of the Internally Displaced Persons, and the orphans who are not included within the programme of monthly salaries that the Foundation also adopts.
What is meant by Financial and Moral Sponsorships?
The financial sponsorship means allotting a sum of money of either one of the three types of sponsorships of the Foundation. The sponsorship is either paid monthly, yearly, or quarterly. Regarding the moral sponsorship, it means that the guardian of an orphan follows up the health, educational, psychological, and social status of that orphan in a way that corresponds with the criteria of the Foundation.
What are the types of Financial Sponsorship?
-General Sponsorship: this kind of sponsorship amounts 100,000 IQD paid monthly.
-Sponsorship of a Top Orphan Student: it amounts 125,000 IQD paid monthly.
-Sponsorship of Orphans with Special Needs or Diseased Orphans: it amounts 150,000 IQD.
Sponsorship Mechanism
-The person who likes to sponsor an orphan chooses one, according to their wish, and thus the orphans becomes included within the programme of sponsorship.
-Filling a form in which the data of both the orphan and the guardian are written down.
-Arranging a meeting between the orphan and his guardian inside the Foundation.
-The sponsorships are kept in the accounts of the orphans to be delivered to them as monthly salaries.
-Guardians should receive receipts affirming that the orphans have gotten their sponsorships.
-Whenever requested, guardians can be supplied with reports about the orphans they have sponsored.
Does OCF deduct money out of the financial sponsorship?
Money received from the guardians are exclusively allotted to the registered orphans. The Foundation undertakes the responsibility of affording for its management disbursements and for the other wages.
What are the accounts & linking points with Department of Sponsorship in OCF?
Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) –Branch Number: 007
-0007004528001 IQD
-0007004528002 $
National Islamic Bank (NIB):
-102105 IQD
-102113 $
-Or via sending a money transfer through the Western Union to the Department of Sponsorship in OCF.

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