Founded by the office of Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Saeed Al-Hakim


Origination and Establishment

The office of the great religious authority, Mr. Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakim (extend his shadow) has been concerned with the orphan project since the blessed authority has turned to confront the service of the believers, so it worked to care for orphans and their families until the years of Ba'athist and criminal persecution ended, so the Orphan Charitable Foundation was established on 4/4/2017, after If the general supervisor, His Eminence, Mr. Muhammad Hussein Al-Hakim, son of the reference, was planning and working seriously in a project that would be the nucleus and model for other charitable institutions, and by the grace of God the Most High, the foundation has 19 branches and offices distributed in 13 governorates

Our Vision
Our Vision

Preserving the weaker strings in the social fabric, especially orphans, the destitute, the afflicted, the displaced, and raising community awareness of embracing and caring for them at all levels.

Our motto
Our motto

Satisfying the basic humanitarian requirements of honourable living and presenting educational, psychological, and health caring for the orphans, widows, and IDPs.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Meeting the basic human needs of decent living, educational, health and psychological care for orphans in particular, widows, destitute, afflicted people, and displaced people in general, and directing public opinion towards these segments through documentary, informational and statistical programs.

Our successes

Attention to charitable work and the values and ethics that benefit society, inspired by the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the hadiths of the Noble Prophet (may God’s prayers be upon him and his family) and the pure imams from his household.

Taking care of orphans in terms of developing their economic, social, psychological, educational and educational conditions.

Active participation in spreading religious, human and cultural awareness that encourages solidarity and social cooperation.

Paying attention to developing and promoting the reality of childhood, closing the doors of deprivation, preserving the innocence of childhood and caring for it.

Paying attention to the health aspects of orphans and indigent patients, and preparing the requirements for treatment and recovery.

Diagnosing the problems and obstacles for the orphan and finding solutions to them with him.

Supporting orphans and the deprived, defending their rights, and demanding the adoption of the law to protect them from loss, homelessness and delinquency.

Working to convey the voice of orphans, deprived and affected by terrorism to the world by activating the injustice that occurred on childhood, women and others as a result of terrorist acts.

Upgrading and caring for orphans by developing their talents and capabilities, especially the distinguished ones, in a way that believes in building an advanced and civilized generation.

Attention to those affected by terrorist operations and natural disasters.

Departments of the Institute



The department is concerned with providing guarantees for orphans through special field committees that work hard to reach the people of goodness and charity to present the sponsorship program, document the data of the sponsors and the sponsored orphans and prepare the receipts for the guarantees.


The administration works to achieve the set goals by exploiting the available resources according to a specific approach and a specific environment, including several divisions (incoming and outgoing division, inquiries and services, mechanisms, information technology division, human resources division).

Social care

The Social Welfare Department is concerned with documenting family data through field scouting committees that are spread out in the field in most governorates, districts, sub-districts, villages and villages in Iraq that collect information, process and analyze it to make a decision regarding its inclusion in the institution’s programs, the most prominent of which is the monthly salary program, food basket, orphan clothing, building and restoring their homes, and the health, educational and entertainment program. And the marriage of adult orphans.

Public Relations and Media

The department is interested in strengthening the foundation’s relationship with the community, highlighting its role in providing its services to orphans, and extending bridges of cooperation between the Foundation, bodies, bodies, associations and institutions, in addition to participating in conferences and media programmes, publishing the Foundation’s news in various media and social networking sites, issuing publications and media reports, and documenting Business and film production, and the exploitation of seasons in the implementation of media campaigns.

Donation Box Section

The Donations and Fund Section works to publish the donation boxes in the commercial markets, shops and academic institutions through the field distribution committees, then after three months the committees collect these funds in the instant electronic method and give the receipt directly to the fund owner, after which the amounts are delivered to the Financial Affairs Department.

financial affairs

It is concerned with making financial reports, preparing budgets, plans related to financial aspects, disbursing dues, allocations, inventorying and evaluating the assets of the institution, and its annual inventory. Among its objectives: controlling the financial position of the institution, regulating the liquidity of the institution (through expenses and revenues), making periodic financial reports, in addition to keeping securities and invoices, recording and archiving them.

Institution’s documentary documents

Characteristic of public benefit

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Certificate of registration of the institution in the circle of non-governmental organizations

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The status of the chancellor

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