Founded by the office of Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Saeed Al-Hakim

About the foundation

Orphan Charitable Foundation is an Iraqi non-governmental humanitarian organization (NGO) and of public benefit with the special advisory status of the UN Economic and Social Council (2016), providing material and moral services and social care to orphans who have lost their parents naturally, illness, or terrorist operations, particularly the disabled, widows, displaced persons and those affected by natural disasters and others regardless of color, race and religion

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 About the foundation
Opinions of well-known people about the activities of the institute
Branches of the Institute
Basra Branch

The New Mashraq - The Beginning of The Street of Delegations - Near Al-Qibla Bridge

phone 07719889256
time 8am to 2 pm
Dhi Qar Branch / Center

Center: Neighborhood Of Your - Vs Sports Forum - Behind The Civil Defense

phone 07800729838
time 8am to 2 pm
Dhi Qar Branch / Al-Shatra

Al-Shatra: Jalil Al-Baghdadi Street - Opposite The Old Court Branch

phone 07825695445
time 8am to 2 pm
Wasit Branch / Kut

Al-Hora Area - Public Street opposite The Department of Implementation of Kut

phone 07809704240
time 8am to 2 pm
Wasit Branch / Al-Numaniyah

Imam Reza Neighborhood - Near the Agricultural Equipment Department in Al-Numaniyah

phone 07807359899
time 8am to 2 pm
Babylon Branch / Center

Al-Rulers District - opposite the Workers' Union - Near The Shrine of Red Sun

phone 07802729845
time 8am to 2 pm
Babylon Branch / Al Qasim

Association - Near the new municipal garage - opposite The Pharmacy Of Doaa Khudhair

phone 07809704432
time 8am to 2 pm
Diwaniyah Branch

First Arabism - The Intersection of The Institute of Teacher Preparation - Vs. Medium Freedom for Girls

phone 07818623650
time 8am to 2 pm
Maysan Branch / Center

ector 30 Naama Rural Street - near ro water station

phone 07719889248
time 8am to 2 pm
Baghdad Karrada Branch

Karrada Out Al-Arsat - Opposite Al-Khudhairi Mosque

phone 07807359869
time 8am to 2 pm
Baghdad Branch / Holy Kadhimiyah

Al-Kadhimiyah Corniche - Akkad Street

phone 07704668012
time 8am to 2 pm
Karbala Holy Branch

Al-Adzdneighborhood - near Imam Al-Hajjah Hospital (Aj)

phone 07825695433
time 8am to 2 pm
Muthanna Branch

Samawah - Haidariya - Sports Stadium Street

phone 07807360011
time 8am to 2 pm
Diyala Office / Al-Khalis

Al-Khalis - Market - Near Al-Khalis Al-Kussi Mosque

phone 07723351567
time 8am to 2 pm
Salahuddin Office / Balad

Judicial Center vs. Grand Mosque

phone 07816502496
time 8am to 2 pm
City Office

Market / End of Bayan Street - Near Smile Beirut Dentistry

phone 07723351557
time 8am to 2 pm
Essaouira Office

Al-Husseinia Locality - opposite Hosseinia Imam Hassan al-Askari (P)

phone 07727164660
time 8am to 2 pm
Diyala Office / Meqdadiya

Al-Sa'adiya Street - opposite Al-Meqdadiya General Hospital

phone 07723489032
time 8am to 2 pm
Mosul Office / Tal Afar

Nineveh - Tal Afar District - Near Ras Al-Jada Cycle

phone 07723351452
time 8am to 2 pm