📍 Diwaniyah branch. 🏗 The religious project.


📍 Diwaniyah branch.
🏗 The religious project.
⬅️ The Orphan Charity Foundation / Al-Diwaniyah Branch, in cooperation with the Holy Shrine of Al-Hussainiya (the center for intellectual and cultural activities in Al-Diwaniyah), held a religious lecture on its activities hall under the title (Al-Zahraa between reason and emotion), which included 50 families of orphan families.
Shubbar explained in her lecture, saying, "Reason and science are through which man comprehends facts, and that emotion is the susceptibility of the soul and the intense influence of feelings, such as a mother's love for children. This is an emotion, and reason and emotion are two gifts from God that He implanted in the human soul. If a person can balance between them, he will be able to make decisions." The right way, with the aim of knowing the standard of emotions and motives, and knowing how to control them with the wisdom of the mind, obedience to God Almighty, and making the heart for God

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