📍 Maysan branch 🏗 Economic Empowerment Project.


📍 Maysan branch
🏗 Economic Empowerment Project.
⬅️ The Orphan Charity Foundation, in cooperation with the honorable donors, concluded its three courses in its activity project (Economic Empowerment) to teach the art of sewing and detailing by distributing sewing machines with their equipment to 25 families of orphan families registered in the Foundation after the completion of these courses.
The head of the Maysan Al-Hajj branch, "Rida Al-Wahili," told the media center at the headquarters, saying: "Within the framework of the Economic Empowerment Project of the Orphan Charity Foundation, we have held these three courses to ensure that widows benefit from the distribution of very good quality sewing machines with the aim of helping orphan families to rely on themselves economically." So the sewing profession will be a source of livelihood for them and their children, with it guaranteeing permanence and preserving dignity.”

General Headquarters - Media Department November 12, 2022

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