📍 Wasit branch 🏗 Travel and activities project.


📍 Wasit branch
🏗 Travel and activities project.
⬅️ The Orphan Charity Foundation, in cooperation with professors and students of the Faculty of Dentistry at Wasit University, set up an entertainment trip to the city of Al-Kut Games, which included 25 orphans registered with the Foundation, where they shared their joy in games, giving gifts, lunch and sweets.
For his part, one of the student contributors said: (My thanks and appreciation to the Orphan Charitable Foundation and its employees for their interest in this segment.
On the other hand, the Orphan Charitable Foundation held an entertainment trip that included 20 orphans registered with the Foundation as part of the Foundation's weekly entertainment program for orphans. The trip was in cooperation with Ibn Kharmit Restaurant.

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