📍 Dhi Qar branch 💠 PR.

📍 Dhi Qar branch 💠 PR.

The Orphan Charity Foundation, Dhi Qar branch, held an introductory symposium at the Oil Company, Dhi Qar branch, for the purpose of introducing the Foundation to the programs and activities presented.
The symposium was chaired by Mr. "Ahmed Al-Madani" and in the presence of each of the Deputy General Manager of Dhi Qar Oil Company, Senior Chief Engineer "Karim Yasser Hashim", the Director of the Engineering Authority, the Director of the Control and Internal Audit Department, the Director of the Electricity Department, the Director of the Public Relations Department, the Deputy of the Public Relations Department, and a number of employees in the company During the symposium, they discussed ways of joint cooperation and providing support to the segment of orphans registered with the Foundation.
At the end of the symposium, the company's agent expressed his thanks and gratitude to those in charge of the organization for what they provide of this quantity and distinguished quality of services and the necessary needs financially and morally, expressing his willingness to extend a helping hand.

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